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The residents prepare the Mission for the Over 60's Club bazaar. Len turns up with a "Catch the Rat" game he has made himself. Albert tries to show his prowess with it but fails at each attempt. Florrie calls at the hall to ask Ken's advice on the wage packet. He advises her to send it back to the factory in Ireland. Irma tells Elsie that her parents are viewing No.13. She's deeply sceptical that any move they make will be a success. Elsie tells her that if she doesn't want to live with her parents she can lodge with her. Ena thinks Stan is the most uncouth man she has met since Jed Stone and they will have nothing but bad luck in No.13. Stan and his wife Hilda look round the house. Alfred Wormold wants £600 but they offer £550. Hilda is nervous that the offer will be rejected. Wormold considers the offer over a pint in the Rovers. Len is shocked to hear how much he is conning the Ogdens out of. Wormold returns to No.13 and they agree on £575. Swindley worries about a downturn at Gamma Garments, saying he and Emily have allowed themselves to be diverted from the business by other considerations, such as their engagement. She's annoyed by his preaching attitude. Irma can't see how five of them will cope in the house. Stan puts £200 down, taking out a mortgage arranged by Wormold on the rest. Swindley measures Len for his best man's suit. He proves to be ticklish when Emily puts her tape measure against him. He's put out when Swindley says he's a strange shape and by the news that Harry has been appointed chief usher without his knowledge. Lucille helps Florrie draft her letter to Ireland. Ken tells Albert that he's going to try and write a television play. Stan and Hilda come into the Rovers to meet the regulars and get expensive drinks out of Len. Elsie is introduced to Hilda and tells Irma they seem nice enough. Irma replies that the Street won't know what's hit them when all her family move in.


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Elsie Tanner (about Stan Ogden): "He looks as if he's been around, you know, not even on his own doorstep either."

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