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Nick starts his paper round, wearing trainers bought by Don which Nick is to pay back in instalments. Vera is proud when Jack's story appears in a national paper. Deirdre is amazed at Ken's arrogance when he tells her that he'll always be around for her. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him again and throws him out. Liz worries about Steve's whereabouts. Jack wears sunglasses in case his fans recognise him. Deirdre apologises to Denise for spilling the beans in the Rovers. Bet tries to forget Charlie by going on a shopping spree. Deirdre wishes that she hadn't blown up as people might think she's jealous of Denise. Maureen assures Maud that she doesn't think she's a loose woman. Maud is proud she gave Danny Kennedy some love before he died and shows Maureen his photograph. Don is shocked to discover Denise is having Ken's baby - he feels he's had a lucky escape. Maureen tells Reg about her real father and is grateful when he is understanding.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The gossip mongers set to work on the latest scandal to hit the Street.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,720,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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