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Liz blames Jim for Steve leaving home. Maud tells Maureen that she's kept a photo of her real father and will show it to her when they get home. Charlie wants to take Bet to Spain on holiday but she fears the police will think he's trying to escape. He goes to Stoke-on-Trent to collect his cab when the police find it but the trailer is missing. Deirdre is upset to see Ken and Denise drinking in the Rovers. She tells them she's not keeping quiet and tells the pub that Denise is pregnant. Fiona is stunned; Denise is dismayed. Liz comforts Deirdre. Deirdre explains that whilst away she had convinced herself that she and Ken would get back together and wishes she was the one who was pregnant. Jim tells Liz that he doesn't want Steve to get into trouble. Des agrees to see Tanya again as he can't stop thinking about her. Raquel thinks that Des is drinking too much as he spends so much time in the Rovers. Charlie returns with news that the police have had a tip off about the hijack and might be able to get the whisky back. Bet is stunned when he leaves again, saying he knows she thought he was involved and he doesn't know if he'll see her again.


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