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Jack refuses to come off the roof until he's freed Fergie. Curly and Andy try to ignore him. Derek tells Mavis he hasn't accepted Angela's job, or turned it down. Vera tells Jack she's proud of his stand but she leaves him on the roof to go to bingo. Nick tries to get Gail to buy him new trainers but she refuses. Jack ties himself to Curly's chimney stack. Curly opens the observatory window but Fergie still refuses to budge. After Jack's spent a night on the roof, Andy replaces the ladder. Vera celebrates when Fergie flies home but Jack can't move from the roof - his limbs have gone dead. Mavis is horrified to hear Derek begging Don for a job, cleaning taxis. She's upset by Derek's decline. Vera calls the fire brigade and they get Jack down. The Gazette arrive and interview Vera who blames Curly for everything. Mavis is forced to suggest Derek takes Angela's job to stop him wasting away. He phones Angela and is taken on as one of her sales team. Mavis is stunned when he reveals Angela's husband has now left her.


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