Ena's sofa is moved back into the Vestry so that she can sit down and rest her ankle. She tells Swindley it's providence. He's called the doctor and he warns her that if the verdict is that she can be moved, she will still be evicted. Dr Graham arrives and tells her she's just twisted it and she can still easily walk. Swindley insists that the eviction continues. Minnie confides in Annie that she could never have taken Ena in as she and her mother would have clashed. Martha grows alarmed as Ena takes over her house, putting up her own family photograph in place of hers. Jack physically throws a difficult drunken customer out of the Rovers, to everyone's acclaim. Ida wonders where Ken has got to. Albert looks for Swindley and is told to ask Miss Nugent who's moving into the Vestry. He lets slip that he saw Ken getting on a bus out of town. Ken himself is at the flat of university librarian Marian Lund, a woman eleven years older than him, who he has been seeing for a few weeks. He admits that he's not told his parents about her. Ena enjoys herself watching Martha's television rather than going to the Rovers. Miss Nugent is miserable at the lonely Vestry and wants to know when her permanent replacement will be appointed. Albert gives Swindley a petition for the reinstatement of Ena. He decides to take no notice of it, much to Miss Nugent's chagrin. Linda and Ivan bicker while decorating and take a break in the Rovers where Elsie forces them to make up. Martha tells Minnie that she can't stand having Ena with her. Marian tells Ken not to tell his parents about her yet as they'll only create problems. After going to see an amateur show, Christine tells Esther she doesn't want to get engaged to Joe but doesn't know how to tell him.


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