Andy is furious to find that Jack's pigeons have dirtied his shirt, left out to dry. The Duckworths refuse to compensate him. Mavis convinces herself that Derek has got another woman. She shares her fears with Rita. Des asks Tanya to finish with Alex but she demands that he finishes with Raquel first. Rita drives Mavis, following Derek when he goes out for the evening to keep his cancelled appointment. Tanya is disgusted with Alex when he can't bring himself to tell Val he's leaving. Mavis is horrified to see Derek call at a large house with a bouquet of flowers. Rita comforts her. Raquel feels sorry for Tanya having to share her man. Curly is outraged to find a pigeon has got into his observatory. He can't catch it so he calls in Jack who identifies it as Fergie. Mavis cracks when Derek gives her the flowers. She tells him that she knows he's been to see another woman as she followed him. Curly and Andy refuse to let Jack get to Fergie when he refuses to clean up after the bird. Derek confesses that he went to see Angela Hawthorne.


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Audrey Roberts (explaining the tedium of being a mayoress): "Well, I mean you have a kind of duty, don't yer? to them that, well, treasure the experience of meeting yer. I mean, to them it could be the high spot of their lives so I'd never let them see that I am bored out of my mind."

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