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Denise accuses Don of starting the phone calls again and swears she'll go to the police this time. Percy sets about writing to the Gazette about Randy. Ken asks Denise what he did wrong but she tells him that it's nothing to do with him. She is embarrassed when he tells her that it was him who phoned her last night. He backs off when she tells him it concerns someone else. Alf asks Rita to be his mayoress. She is flattered when he tells her that she's gracious, diplomatic and elegant. Sally encourages her, telling her that she'd be perfect. Emily snaps at Percy, telling him that Randy isn't eighteen; he died in 1988 and she replaced him with another bird. Percy is aghast and accuses her of ruining his emotional stability. Don confronts Denise who offers a qualified apology. Emily is upset that she just blurted out the news so unkindly. She tells Rita she hates being old and alone, it's so unfair. Rita tells Alf that she'll be his mayoress if Audrey doesn't mind. Ken confides in Alma, telling her that he thought Denise was the woman for him but there's someone else involved. Percy is shocked when Emily tells him that her wedding is off. Raquel plans a birthday party for Des. Audrey is outraged that Rita is to be mayoress. Alf enjoys telling her that he can't go back on his word.


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