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The Websters plan a night out but Sally refuses to ask Rita to babysit in case she thinks they're wasting her money. Audrey tries to find out all the gossip about Ken and Denise. She invites Denise to dinner. Maggie is astounded when Mike asks her to pay the school fees until he's back on his feet. She is furious that she's being emotionally blackmailed and Mark will continue to think Mike is great. She makes him feel bad by pointing out he's using Mark to get what he wants in life. Don worries that Denise will tell Ken about the phone calls. Sally gets Vera to babysit and hopes Rita doesn't find out about their night out. Reg discovers that when Maud marries Percy any wills will be void. Percy chats to Bernard and lets it slip about Emily's breakdown. Mike throws his money around at the Rovers so that no one will suspect he's going under.


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