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Reg celebrates when someone looks over his flat. Maureen refuses to look for another house until Maud and Percy set the date. Maud tells Percy that she'll never let him boss her around. Ken takes Denise walking in the country. Bernard is pleased when at last Percy wishes him well with Emily. Ken assures Denise that Deirdre is just a friend now. She enjoys relaxing with him. Reg is thrilled to accept an offer on his flat. Fiona shows an interest in Derek's products, saying that it's important to be environmentally friendly. He offers her a job as part of his sales team. The Holdsworths are stunned when Maud reveals that the house is still hers; she changed her mind about selling to the finance company. Reg fears Percy is after her because of the house. Ken and Denise realise they have nothing to rush back for so book a hotel room for the night.


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