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Reg and Maureen give Percy yellow roses to give to Maud. Not knowing that they think he is engaged, he gives them to Emily, thinking the Holdsworths meant for her to have them. Janice Baker calls on Gail and breaks down. Reg is furious when Ken tells him that he's not interested in buying the flat. Emily thanks Reg and Maureen for the flowers and finds out that Maud and Percy are supposedly engaged. She’s puzzled as to why he didn't mention it. Mrs Baker tells Gail about her heartbreak and gives her a load of Mandy's toys for Sarah Louise to have. Gail accepts them but puts them in a cupboard out of the way. Mavis tells Norris she's had enough of him being around and asks him to leave. Percy is astounded when Emily congratulates him on his engagement. Derek organises a birthday party for Mavis to sweeten her. Percy tells Maud that she misunderstood him but she thanks him for freeing her from Reg and accepts the proposal. Norris leaves but not before selling Derek his car. Mavis is annoyed as it will always remind her of Norris. Derek thinks it's a bargain, even when the exhaust falls off. Gail feels Martin has changed as he isn't affected by Mandy's death.


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