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Percy is stunned when Emily announces she is going to marry Bernard. He assures her that he'll make no fuss about moving out. Mavis tells Derek she doesn't want him to blow their savings on a new car. He sulks. Des is annoyed when Alex sends him a message telling him that he's being sent to Newcastle for three weeks. Des worries that Alex has found out about his and Tanya's one-night stand. Tanya tells Des it was her idea - so they see less of each other. Curly panics when Carl Armstrong turns up at Bettabuy wanting to thump the manager; Andy says he's in London. Derek has a weary day trudging around town whilst Norris has a wonderful day. Norris insists Derek buys his car. When Maud runs herself down Percy tells her that she's a fine woman and says she'd make a man a wonderful wife; Maud mistakenly thinks he's proposed. Derek is put out when he learns Norris is going to buy a new car. Mavis points out that Norris is doing so well whilst Derek isn't. She's sick of sharing her house. Tricia is furious when Curly stands her up, saying he doesn't want to see her again. Reg is thrilled with the prospect of marrying Maud off and urges her to accept.


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