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Gail realises that Sarah Louise could have died instead of Mandy Baker. Derek is put out as Norris can cover more ground in his car. Reg cracks up without Maureen and smashes up Percy's biscuits when he talks about buying them loose. The Platts send a wreath to Janice Baker. Derek tells Mavis that he is going to have to get a car. Emily is upset to receive a letter from depressed Bernard. She visits him in his hostel much to his delight. Tricia assures Curly that her husband is no longer around. Bernard tells Emily that he's fallen in love with her. He feels he hasn't much to offer but she tells him that she feels the same for him. Reg tells Maureen he loves her and will live with her at Maud's house. Tanya suggests to Alex that he sends Des to Newcastle for a while instead of going himself.


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