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Mavis accuses Derek of wallowing in self-pity. Emily and Bernard go on their walking holiday. He assures her that he has no intention of taking advantage of her. Percy cooks Maud dinner at No.3. Derek is surprised when Norris Cole turns up; the man who gave him a lift home from the motorway service station when he missed the coach from London. He explains he's taken Derek's advice, left his wife and has come to stay. Mavis is put out as he keeps calling Derek "Dirk". Denise cools towards Ken. Curly pays Jack £10 to babysit Jamie so he can take Tricia out. Mavis doesn't want to throw Norris out as he might do Derek's morale some good. Tanya packs for Amsterdam and is stunned when Alex cancels the trip as his wife needs him. Rita takes Sally on to work Sunday mornings at The Kabin for £20. Rita is touched when the Websters invite her for Sunday dinner. Derek tells Mavis that he's sure Norris will help him in his career. Ken invites Denise out but she turns him down. Carl Armstrong mistakes Jack for Tricia's new fella and thumps him.


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Percy Sugden: "You take care of yourself Mrs Bishop... on them hills, and watch out for fog if you're walking. You could do with taking a compass with you, but I doubt if that friend of yours could make head nor tail out of it."
Emily Bishop (sarcastically): "Goodbye, Mr Sugden!"
Percy Sugden: "Ooh, here's a little wrinkle for you. Now moss always grows on the north-side of a tree trunk - knowing that just might save your life."

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