Vera is embarressed to find that Raquel has moved in with Des after making remarks to him about her past lovers. Steve is horrified when Mike gives him a £1,200 rates bill, telling him that under their contract he is responsible for payment. Tanya tells Alex that their relationship is no longer special and he's beginning to treat her like he does his wife. Emily and Bernard book their holiday with adjoining rooms. Vera blames Ivy for her not getting the job at Bettabuy but Ivy tells her it was her own fault. Liz tells Mike that he's pathetic for trying to ruin Steve. Maureen can't find Maud anywhere and grows frantic. Des and Raquel agree to wipe the slate clean and forget the past. Maureen is furious to find Maud drinking in the Rovers, having spent the day with Martin and Percy in Blackpool. Des and Raquel throw a party to cement their relationship and Curly and Des make up their differences. Jim warns Mike that he won't stand by and see Steve being pushed around. Sally spreads the gossip that Emily and Bernard are going away on a dirty weekend together. Tanya is pleased when Alex cancels an overnight meeting to be with her.


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  • Although MVB Print had been seen for several years as the name of the print shop on signs, in this episode Steve McDonald rings for a taxi and asks to be picked up at "MVB Promotions".
  • TV Times synopsis: What sad fate has befallen Maud Grimes?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,160,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).

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Bet Gilroy: "You know, Mae West used to say 'a man in the house is worth two in the street'. My mam used to say 'a bloke in the coal shed is worth two in th'ouse'. I'm with me mam."


Tanya Pooley (to Alex Christie): "You couldn't be straight if you were glued to a flagpole."

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