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Maureen and Reg are devastated by Maud's move and Maureen threatens to fight her in court. Tanya is upset that she can only see Alex Christie when he escapes from his wife. He promises her a trip to Amsterdam. Reg is horrified to find Maud sold the house for £10,000 less than the Magills had offered. He tries to stall Rita on buying her house but she refuses, telling him that she's going to put it back on the market. Reg discovers a section in the contract saying Maud can change her mind within twenty-one days. He determines to get Maud to change her mind. When Maud refuses to tear the contract up, Maureen threatens to leave home. Maureen accuses her of ruining her happiness. Reg encourages Maureen to stand against Maud and helps her pack. They move into his flat at No.12. Raquel feels she might be moving in with Des soon. Denise is aghast when Ken takes her to a pensioners' club for a joke. He then takes her to a pub where she tells him her life story. Ivy asks Curly to take Vera back on at Bettabuy but he refuses. Raquel mentions to Des that she'd like to move in and is upset when he cools.


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