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Mavis is upset by Derek's coldness towards her. She feels guilty that he was left behind on the motorway. Percy is taken aback to find out that Bernard is retiring from the Church. Derek hides his suspension from the residents. Oakhill's Head, Mr Sammells, refuses to accept Mark for a scholarship but agrees to give Mike another term to pay the fees. Mavis tells Rita about Derek's suspension. Tanya is upset when her father, Dennis Pooley, dumps her stuff at the Rovers, calls her a slut and disowns her. She tells Bet how he caught her with her boyfriend who's married with two children. Fiona tackles all the customers about Ken's age. Alf goes for a fitting for his mayoral robes. Tanya moves her stuff into the cafe flat. Des asks Raquel out but she has a date with Erik Mikaelson. A more upbeat Derek decides to fight for his job but is annoyed to find out that Mrs Jeffers has told all the staff, Ken included, of his suspension. Mike is adamant that Mark must stay at Oakhill, even if it costs him every penny he has.


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