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Liz has a job interview as assistant manager at a wine bar but is turned down by the woman interviewer because she's female. Bernard is adamant he's giving up the Church because of his loss of faith. Emily supports him. Derek feels humiliated over the robbery. Mrs Jeffers is furious as £3,000 worth of equipment was taken and they are not insured when negligence is involved. She suspends Derek pending a governors' hearing and she will be recommending his dismissal. He is aghast. Alma is annoyed to discover that Mike hasn't paid Mark's school fees as he has a cash flow problem. When Ken has his hair cut, Denise and Fiona wager a bet on how old he is. The bishop accepts Bernard's resignation and doesn't try to stop him. He is depressed that his life’s work seems to amount to nothing. Mike feels that Mark is so gifted he could get a scholarship. Denise and Fiona ask Ken what the first record he bought was to try and work out his age from the answer - he tells them it was a recording of the Enigma Variations by The Hallé Orchestra. Des gets jealous as Raquel goes on and on about wonderful Erik Mikaelson. Derek blames Mavis for turning him into a washed up old has-been.


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Percy Sugden (to Mavis Wilton about Derek): "Do you know, during the war they shot men for doing what he did, falling asleep whilst on guard."

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