Emily, Ken and the Roberts join the Wiltons' trip to London to see Miss Saigon which sets off late due to Alf and Audrey not arriving at the pick-up point on time. Raquel receives the appointment for her calendar photo-shoot. Maud begins work at the Corner Shop. Derek enjoys bossing everyone around on the coach and Mavis tells him he's embarrassing her. Vicky badgers Bet for details of her night out. Bet gives in and tells her about the contest. Vicky finds it hilarious. Maud tells Percy she's going to dig her heels in over moving house. Vicky's boyfriend, Leo Penington, rings and asks to come to the Rovers to see her. Bet agrees. The coach party returns from London with Derek sulking as Mavis kept putting him down. Everyone else enjoyed themselves and they stop again at the service station. Raquel is perturbed to see Tanya and Des swapping banter. Bet can finally see the funny side of the Dolly Parton contest when she chats with Rita. She puts Leo up at the Rovers after he's taken Vicky out as it's late. She tells Vicky to make sure that Steve sees Leo leaving the pub in the morning to put his nose out of joint. Mavis is aghast when they arrive back in Weatherfield to find that Derek wasn't on the coach when it left the service station.


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  • The scenes of the coach stopping at the service station were recorded at Sandbach Services, just south of Junction 17 on the M6. The location of the service station isn't stated in the episode, but Sandbach does appropriately lie on the route between Manchester and London.
  • TV Times synopsis: Events take an unexpected twist during the Street's outing to London.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,590,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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