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Mavis feels life holds no surprises so Derek arranges a day trip to London. Percy feels sorry for Maud, stuck at home, so he visits her. Liz tells Ken she wishes he'd never put the compensation idea into her head; it's raked up the past. He goes to the brewery himself. Tanya tells Alma to keep her nose out of her private life. Liz is amazed when Mr Pollitt, the new personnel director at the brewery, offers her £2,000 compensation and explains that Richard Willmore has resigned. Maud is upset when an offer is made on her house; she doesn't want to be stuck in a converted garage annexed to Reg and Maureen's new home. Ken is pleased for Liz and doesn't let on he went to the brewery. Mavis is aghast when Derek tells her that the trip is for six as that way they get a free seat on the coach. Mike feels he's turned into a failure. He decides to sell the lease on the unit.


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