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Liz feels it's a waste of time trying to get money out of the brewery. Jim accuses her of having something to hide. The honeymooners return, Maud being disappointed that Reg hasn't got a hernia when he carries Maureen over the threshold. Martin comforts Maud when she breaks down, upset at the thought of having to live with Reg. She fears he'll put her in a home if she doesn't toe the line. Raquel is grateful when Des offers to accompany her to Ben Cunningham's studio but Tanya gets her to go on her own, saying it'll look like she's a little girl. Tanya then tells Des that Raquel didn't want him around. Audrey lets Alf spend the day at the cash and carry thinking he's really getting her a surprise. Ben takes loads of pictures of Raquel then asks her to take off all her make-up so he can photograph her bone structure. She is annoyed when Des turns up, as she has no make-up on. Liz is depressed when the Job Centre have nothing to offer her. She decides she will make Richard Willmore pay, claiming constructive dismissal. Audrey is stunned when Alf shows her the surprise - loads of cheap groceries for their retirement. She is so annoyed he agrees to buy her a conservatory. Des tries to apologise to Raquel but she feels he ruined a professional experience for her. She and Tanya are stunned when Des shouts at Raquel in the bar, telling her that he cares about her.


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