Charlie spends the night at the Rovers. Bet makes sure Raquel realises that he stayed in Vicky's room. Sally is upset that she won't see Jonathan again. Kevin is adamant he's going to return Joe's £800. Alma is horrified when Sally tells her how Kevin thumped Joe for paying the fine. Alma confesses to paying the fine and then is forced to tell Mike. He thinks she's barmy. Kevin is amazed that Alma paid the money but tells Sally he's glad that she thought it was Joe otherwise he wouldn't have found out what was going on. Reg and Maureen tell Maud about their plans. She tells them that they'll soon be sick of the sight of each other but wishes them well. Alma refuses to let Kevin pay her the money back but Mike tells him that they'll come to an arrangement. Alma is amazed when Mike tells her that he'd like to pay Kevin's fine but they have no money.


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