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Alf and Audrey agree that they should sell to Reg and gain their freedom. Charlie is stuck in France and is unable to take Bet to the Licensed Victuallers ball. Alma asks Mike to remember that he's spending her money on Mark as well as his. She is furious when he points out that Kevin is working so hard it's really him who's making the money to buy Mark's holiday. Kevin plans to pay £100 a month towards his fine. Liz and Steve move out of The Queens and back to No.11. Alma refuses to be ignored by Mike. Kevin is stunned to discover that his fine has been paid. He challenges Steve but he says he hasn't paid it. Bet is touched when Charlie drives like a maniac to get to her. Maureen is thrilled when Reg and Alf agree on the deal. Alma confesses to Gail that she paid Kevin's fine. Sally fears that Joe paid the fine. She tells Kevin how Joe loves her and swears she's done nothing to encourage him. He is furious and when Joe calls and punches him in the face. Sally gets Joe to leave, telling him never to return. Deirdre goes to look after Blanche when she has a stroke. Charlie arrives in his overalls but strips off to reveal a dinner suit and escorts a delighted Bet to the ball.


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