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Jim apologises to Liz for putting her in an awkward position. Mike is suspicious about Steve liking his job so much - even though he's cut his wages and puts up with being pushed around. Reg warns Curly that he intends to go over his head to secure Maureen's job. Tanya asks Alma if she can rent the flat. Alma shows her round and agrees to take her on at £50 a week. Mark is keen to go on the school skiing trip to Austria. Liz tries to make Richard Willmore see that Jim is a changed man but he refuses to believe her. She resents the fact that he's dictating to her and refusing to let her make her own decisions. Joe tries to tell Sally how much he's missed her over Christmas but she refuses to listen. She tells him that she'll never leave Kevin and if she's to continue minding Jonathan he must accept that. Alf is proud to be asked to be the new Mayor of Weatherfield when the office is reinstated after a twenty-year gap but he declines as he's too busy with the shop. Audrey is disinterested until she realises that Alf would need a mayoress. Reg tells Mrs Rogers that he will resign if Maureen is forced to leave. Jim is overcome when Liz tells him she's giving The Queens up. He promises that he'll make things up to her. She's upset as she loved being in charge. Tanya moves into the flat and rings someone telling them that it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for. Reg is devastated when Mrs Rogers accepts his resignation.


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Alma Baldwin (about Steve McDonald): “You know, he'll chuck that job back at you if you talk to him like that. I'm amazed he hasn't told you to stuff it."
Mike Baldwin: "Yeah, so am I, quite frankly. Paying peanuts, I tell him he's rubbish, and he still keeps turning up. I can't understand why."

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