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Don makes an effort to be nice to Ivy, grateful for her loyalty. Curly receives the redundancy list from Bettabuy's head office, it includes Maureen's name. Reg accuses Curly of adding her to the list himself out of spite. Des drives the Duckworths to Blackpool. He urges Vera not to lose her temper - they are in the right. Des is impressed as Vera tells Doreen how wretched she feels and agrees with her that Blackpool is a better place to bring up a child. Richard Willmore tells Liz that Jim must stay away from The Queens. Bet is pleased when Charlie asks her out for dinner. The Duckworths and Des celebrate when the Hortons agree to let them have access to Tommy during holidays. Vera thanks Des for all his help. Bet enjoys her night out with Charlie; afterwards he takes her back to his truck cab. She tells him about Alec and they discover that they're both lonely people. Liz realises she's going to have to choose between The Queens and Jim. He is certain that she'll stay at the pub.


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