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Don writes Denise a letter. She rips it up. Alf struggles with the shop and gout. He tells Ivy of rumours he’s heard of redundancy at Bettabuy. Des offers Jack his help in demanding access to Tommy. Ivy leads a delegation into Curly’s office demanding to know the truth of the redundancy rumours but he convinces them that they are unsubstantiated. Bet is sad when Vicky goes to Southampton to get away from Steve. Don ventures out of the house when Ivy convinces him no one knows he was the caller. Curly is stunned when Reg tells him the redundancy rumours are true. Don knocks on the salon door and tries to apologise to Denise but she threatens him with the police if he doesn’t leave. She breaks down, fearing he was going to harm her. Richard Willmore discovers Jim at The Queens, changing a barrel. Angry, he tells Liz they need to talk.


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Notable dialogue[]

Don Brennan: "I am still welcome then, eh?"
Bet Gilroy: "It's not called the Rovers Return for nowt. Everybody's welcome 'ere, Don - as long as they behave."

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