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Val and Concepta lament how little they see of their husbands. Minnie finds it hard to cope with Charlie's dog, Little Titch, who doesn't seem to like her. She looks through things that used to belong to Martha and starts to get maudlin. Elsie comes home from work sick. Exotic dancer, Pip Mistral, calls on Charlie and invites him to a party on Sunday for the birthday of one of her friend's at their flat. She asks him to supply the men. Emily asks Swindley round for a meal under the guise of making a meal for a competition she has entered. Len happily agrees to join Charlie at the party. He then calls on Harry and asks him to join them. Lucille tells Val that her headmistress has demanded that her tattoo is removed. Emily makes an appointment with Val for a new radical hairstyle in the style of Dusty Springfield. A nervous Harry agrees to join Len and Charlie. Val starts to decorate and Ken reluctantly joins in. Len gets him to come out for a drink but it's a ruse to tell him about the party. Ken agrees to go as well when he sees a picture of Pip. The four men try to think of an alibi to get past Val and Concepta. Charlie suggests a Territorial Army regimental do to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Balaclava. Charlie plays a trumpet call to mark the on-coming festivity as they raise their glasses in a toast.


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Ken Barlow: "Houses like this should be used like matchboxes: used, and then chucked away".

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