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Don and Bet spend the night together. When the phone rings at 6.00am, Denise screams down it. Bet feels uncomfortable when Denise tells her that she suspects Don of making the calls because she rejected him. Joe calls on Denise, telling her that she's been reported for not declaring all her earnings. He goes through her books and finds they're in order. When the phone rings Denise blows a whistle down it. Steve is upset to see Alison with another man but he just turns out to be a friend from work. Deirdre gets upset when Ken and Craig get on, talking psychology. She tells Ken that she's desperate for someone to show an interest in her. She is touched when he tells her that she'll always have him. Denise accuses Don of making her life a misery, calling him a frustrated old man. He tells her that she's wrong and upsets Bet by saying some women find him desirable. Jeff Horton visits Terry in Strangeways and offers him a large sum of money if he'll let Tommy live in Blackpool with him and Doreen.


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