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Eager to make up for lost time, Reg and Maureen decide to marry as soon as possible. Denise receives junk mail and keeps getting the phone calls. Jim refuses to let Andy throw his life away. He asks him to stay around as he needs him - he's got no one else. Raquel asks Tanya why she hurt her and is upset when Tanya tells her that she's not a model - just a tart. Reg sets the date at St. Christopher's Church for 26th January. Elaine accuses Curly of ruining her career and refuses to accept he did it out of love. She contacts Mrs Rogers for a transfer. Solicitor Mr Stapleton advises both Kevin and Steve to plead guilty in court. He thinks Kevin will get a fine but if Steve takes the blame he could end up in prison. Steve is stunned. Raquel thanks Tanya for setting her up, telling her that she spent the night with Des. Tanya is not pleased. Jim asks Liz to help him persuade Andy to stay around. Elaine is upset to find the Goole job has gone. She warns Curly she intends to stay but won't help him run the store. Andy agrees to stay at Bettabuy and asks Curly if he can rent his spare room. Curly agrees. Steve is thrilled when Alison Rathbone agrees to go on a date with him.


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Bet Gilroy (to Tanya Pooley and Raquel Wolstenhulme): "So, if you want to scratch each other's eyes out, you do it away from here and outside of working hours. Because while you're behind this bar, there are no barmaids, and there are no models. There are only bloody ladies!"

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