Andy gives a week's notice at the flat. He tells Curly he doesn't want to train at Bettabuy anymore and wants to move away. Reg hates the way he's ruined his own chances with Maureen. Curly arranges a meeting between him and Maureen. Denise is surprised when pizzas are delivered when she hasn't ordered any. She sends them back. Reg gives Maureen a silver bracelet, saying it's twenty-five years since they met. He swears she's the only woman he's ever loved. Des is furious when Tanya tells him she set Raquel up - there's no shoot. Des collects Raquel from where she's been waiting for the crew to arrive, not an Armani shoot but a shop called "R. Marney - High Class Fruit & Vegetables". He takes her back to No.6 to comfort her. Curly entertains Elaine at No.7. He is thrilled when they kiss. She is horrified when he tells her how he stopped her transfer - she belts him and storms out.


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