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Bet is amazed to discover that she has to promote a brewery poetry competition. Raquel is upset to discover someone off the course is doing really well. Bet feels sorry for her. Andy gets fed up with all the workers gossiping about Amy. He writes "she's dumped me" on the canteen whiteboard. Jim gets sick of Steve treating No.11 like a pigsty and orders him to be more help. Bet is thrilled for Raquel when there's a message on the answerphone for her to model in an Armani show. Raquel is amazed. Reg realises Curly has gone above him to Bettabuy's Head Office and is furious. Reg tells Curly that one day he'll get him back. Jim plans to redecorate No.11 and is annoyed when Steve tells him they need a break so he's returning to The Queens. Jim tells him that he's selfish. Derek and Mavis decide to enter the poetry contest for the £100 prize money. Andy breaks down, wondering what he did wrong. Alma comforts him and advises him to sort it out himself. Steve finds Alison Rathbone at the hospital and gives her his phone number.


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