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Andy hides away in his flat. Curly tells Reg that he doesn't want Elaine to go. He tells Elaine that he wouldn't like it if she left the store now, she is touched. Andy calls on Kath Nelson to find out if Amy loves Errol. Kath urges him not to torture himself. He asks Kath to tell Amy "good luck" from him. Curly confides to Maureen about Elaine's transfer. She guesses that he's falling in love with her. She urges Curly to fight for Elaine. Raquel is thrilled to receive a job offer on her answerphone. She is too late phoning back and misses the job. Steve tries to contact Alison Rathbone at the hospital but has no luck. Jim and Liz show a united front to console Andy. He realises they are hurting for him. Liz gets upset when Andy accuses her of doing to Jim what Amy has done to him. Denise is bothered by people making appointments they don't keep. Curly begs Reg to cancel the transfer but Reg wants rid of Elaine as she's too ambitious. Curly phones Mrs Rogers.


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