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Jack tries to get Vera to put her money on an accumulator. She refuses, but gets him to put £10 on "Tommy's Rattle", insisting it goes on at 33/1. Curly refuses to let Andy and Amy have a day off together as Andy refuses to tell him why they need the time. Emily tells Percy that she's had enough of his selfish and petty attitude. She threatens him with eviction if he doesn't change his ways. Jack is amazed when "Tommy's Rattle" comes first, winning Vera £330. He takes £50 to put on his accumulator. Percy realises that Emily is right and makes parkin for the Platts. Elaine Fenwick talks Curly into giving Amy and Andy their day off, pointing out it must be something personal. Jack is thrilled when he wins £165 but Vera snatches the money from him when she learns her horse came in at 50/1, making her winnings up to £500. Deirdre is pleased when Tracy calls round to see how she is. The Platts throw a party. Percy calls round with the parkin and is hurt to find them burning a Guy made up to look like him.


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