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Derek feels that Des is trying to drive him insane. He is convinced everyone's laughing about it. Andy talks Alma into letting him rent the flat above the cafe for when Amy returns. Liz takes a solicitor, Richard Addlestone, and decides to cross-petition Jim as she doesn't want her name blackened. Don tells Denise that he needs his money back by the end of the week. She is horrified. Ken and Tracy meet in a restaurant. She is glad that Deirdre isn't there. Mike takes Mark and his new friend Jeremy out. Andy helps the Nelsons pack for their trip to Trinidad. He gives Kath Nelson a ring to give to Amy when they're there. Nicky feels put out when they go to a laser show. Sally is caught in the middle when Hazel calls for Jonathan after Joe has said that he'd pick him up. She tells Hazel that Jonathan needs stability, causing Hazel to tell her to mind her own business. Hazel tells her that it's obvious what's going on. Derek makes a crop circle in Des's garden. Des guesses that Derek did it but plays along with the idea it was aliens. Derek admits he did it when Des says that he'll report it to the police. Sally tells Joe to sort himself out with Hazel as it's not fair on Jonathan. Des gets Derek to make another circle to prove it was him and takes a photo of him doing it. Hazel tells Kevin that Joe and Sally are having an affair.


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