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Jenny knows that Robert Weston took Mitzi. Ken is angry that Tracy is making Deirdre suffer - she feels at her lowest ebb. Percy feels put out by Emily's friendship with Bernard and is nice to Phyllis as he wants company. Rita gets the truth of out Jenny - that Mitzi was Robert's dog and she took it from him as it was worth £1,000. Rita is ashamed of her for stealing from him. Ken urges Tracy not to hurt Deirdre and gets her to give him her address. She makes him promise that he won't give it to Deirdre. Jenny stirs things by telling Bet that Rita wants rid of her. Bet tells Rita to give her another chance; she'll be company for her. Bernard tells Emily it's obvious that Percy regards her as his own property. Rita asks Jenny to cut out the lies. Phyllis takes advantage of Percy's jealousy to lure him back to her bungalow to show Emily that he can't be taken for granted. Ken tells Deirdre that he's got Tracy's address but it's only for emergencies. Deirdre breaks down, asking him how they ever came to this.


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Mavis Wilton (talking about how Mitzi got snatched by Robert Weston the previous evening): "To hear the fuss that Derek's made, you'd think he'd been set on by a gang of Hell's Angels, not just a dentist!"
Derek Wilton: "It was a very large dentist. He just loomed up behind me. I mean, for all I knew he might have had a knife."
Rita Sullivan: "Or a drill..."

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