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Ken offers Deirdre financial help but she refuses it. She admits that she's in a mess but doesn't want his help. Maureen has an upsetting day as it should have been her wedding day. Curly tries to console her. Jack treats Vera to a day into Blackpool whilst the Hortons mind Tommy. Jim is annoyed that Liz is pressing him to stop Andy leaving university. He asks Steve for help but Steve feels that it's nothing to do with him. The Duckworths have a raucous time although Vera worries about the amount of money they're spending. Rita is annoyed by the way Jenny takes advantage of Mavis. Bet takes Jenny on at the Rovers. The Hortons are sad to see Tommy go as the Duckworths return home. Vera promises Doreen Horton that they'll see them soon. Back home she is furious to discover Jeff Horton gave Jack £200. She accuses Jack of accepting a bribe. Alf goes to the auction to watch 5 Grasmere Drive being sold. He ends up bidding for the corner shop, buying it for £55,000 and cancelling the auction of the house. Audrey can't believe it when he tells her.


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