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Vera is thrilled to hear that Terry will be released on 20th December. Jenny fusses over pregnant Mitzi. She tells Rita that she wishes she'd listened to her before going off with Robert Weston. Amy tells Andy she's not telling Dominic until he breaks the news to Jim as he might change his mind. She points out that he's not ready for marriage if he can't face his parents. Tracy does Deirdre's make-up and sends her to the Rovers to ask for a bar job. Andy tells Liz that he's marrying Amy and is staying at Bettabuy. She is appalled that he's throwing his career away. Mavis looks after Mitzi and is startled when the dog seems vicious. She feeds her chocolates. Liz accuses Andy of trying to punish her and refuses to let him ruin his life. She feels Amy has trapped him. The Duckworths go to Blackpool and stay with Doreen's sister Shirley Henderson. Jeff Horton gives Jack a wad of money for spending money. Vera fears that Tommy will be snatched by the Hortons. Jim is horrified when Liz tells him about Andy. She wants them to stop him together but Jim points out they are no longer together and they're no longer a family. Jenny goes for Mavis when she discovers that she's fed Mitzi lemon bonbons. Rita accuses her of giving herself too many airs but assures her that she cares for her. Deirdre is gutted when Bet tells her that she's too old to be a barmaid and is more interested in Tracy. Jim rows with Andy for not having to guts to tell him that he's getting married. He urges him not to end up like him and advises him to get as far away from women as possible.


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