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Andy tells Curly he wants a permanent job at Bettabuy. Alma is annoyed by the way Mike is spending a fortune on Mark. Deirdre is upset that after all she's done she has no security. Tanya starts at the Rovers and hints to Bet that Liz used to bitch about her. Maureen resigns from Bettabuy, sick of Reg and Curly. Jack tries to chat Tanya up, telling her that he's in show business. Audrey spends her day hiding from Alf. She admits to Gail that she's been fired for bad timekeeping. Maureen apologises to Curly for her behaviour. He talks the situation through with her, them both drinking red wine. Alma discovers that Oakhill School costs £1,800 a term so hits back at Mike by going on a spending spree. Maureen tells Curly he reminds her of a young Reg, she kisses him. He is amazed as she lunges for him passionately, telling him that she's his.


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Rita Sullivan (about Debi Scott): "Well I hope this doesn't sound rude, but she strikes me as somebody who's lost her car keys, not her husband."

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