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Deirdre is frustrated by Tracy's lack of consideration and tells her that she needs her to help more financially. Mark starts at Oakhill Grammar School, nervous of all the posh pupils. Mike is proud of him. Maureen stays away from work. Reg phones her but Maud refuses to let him speak to her, she calls him a rat. Maureen is upset as she thinks Reg hasn't rung and hopes that she didn't jump to the wrong conclusion. Maud assures her that she's done the right thing. Reg is aghast when Debi Scott decides to put the shop up for auction. He offers her £50,000 but she ignores him. Amy tells Andy that her life is too complicated for her to rush into marriage. Bet is taken aback when Tanya Pooley tells her that she's the best barmaid in the area and she wants to work at the Rovers. Alf is annoyed when the buyer pulls out of 5 Grasmere Drive. Maud is shocked when Maureen rips her wedding dress up. Bet puts Tanya on a week's trial. Liz is relieved to see the back of her. Deirdre seeks help for income support and unemployment benefits. She is surprised when Tracy offers financial help. Reg is stunned when Maureen calls off the wedding, saying that she can't marry a man she doesn't trust. She gives him the ring back.


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