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Vera plans a party for Tommy's first birthday. Percy is amazed to receive an invite to Olive Clarke and Edwin Turner's wedding. He thinks that it's an insult to Nobby Clarke's memory. Amy is flattered that Andy wants to be with her but fears Andy will regret the decision later in life. She tells him that she's not worth the sacrifice. Steve tells Vicky that he's sick of never seeing her; he doesn't want a holiday romance. He demands something more permanent. Reg advises Debi Scott not to put the corner shop up for auction but hold out for a good sale. She worries that she'll never sell it. Andy tells Amy that if she can't respect his judgement they should stop seeing each other. Reg arranges to entertain Debi in his flat to give her more advice. Mike and Mark look round Oakhill School. Mark worries that he wouldn't fit in but Mike tells him he needs contacts to succeed. Mark agrees to go. Nicky is upset that they'll no longer be friends. Alf is furious when Audrey is late home from work on the evening he officially retires from the council. Vicky is hurt when Steve drinks with Fiona in the Rovers. Alf throws a party at The Queens to celebrate his retirement after twenty-six years of being a councillor. Jim dresses up and sneaks into The Queens, mingling with Alf's guests. Audrey falls asleep after work and misses Alf's party. Jim tells Liz that he can't cope and needs her. He promises that he'll change if she'll give him another chance but she tells him that she's happy with Colin. He is devastated.


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