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Brendan is forced to make the deliveries himself. Kevin feels rough and hung-over. He is puzzled by Sally's coolness. Audrey tells Gail she's frightened by the thought of spending every day with Alf. She doesn't want to feel old. Joe tells Sally he's certain he loves her. She gets angry when he refers to Kevin as a crook. Emily is concerned for Brendan as he spends the day rushing about on the bike. He tells her he's desperate to make the shop a success. Gordon Blinkhorn is jealous when Raquel tells him how she cooked Ken a meal. She is annoyed when he admits he doesn't want her learning French for the holiday as he likes her being decorative. She tells him he can go to France without her. Sally tells Kevin she's not enjoying herself and wants to go home. Colin gets fed up of Des lecturing him and reminds him about how he stole Lisa from Terry. Des tells him it's time he moved on. Brendan collapses in the shop in front of Emily, Gail and Ken. Emily realises it's a heart attack and thumps his chest. Sally tells Joe to find someone else to look after Jonathan. He begs her not to take it out on Jonathan and says he'll return home and leave them at the cottage. Emily and Martin try to get Brendan breathing but the ambulance crew announces that he is dead. The residents watch as the ambulance takes him away and Emily closes the shop.


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Brendan Scott: "Dear God, it's like the Village of the Damned. You know, no-one round here is even halfway normal."

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