Des asks Colin not to make his relationship with Liz so obvious. Jim can't see a future without Liz. The Robertses go to Lytham St Annes to play golf with Les and Norma Bradbury. Audrey is thrilled to be socialising. Kevin is subdued, annoyed that he can't have time alone with Sally. Raquel prepares a French meal to say thank you to Ken for all his help. Audrey is put out to find that she's classed as a senior with all the OAPs. Alf is thrilled to find that the golf club is full of retired grocers. Liz is content with having Colin around. Alf is pleased that he and Audrey will be able to spend all their time together but Audrey is alarmed by the prospect of all these retired grocers. Nicky is upset when Brendan accuses him of being lax and pays him for four hours rather than the six he has worked. Nicky complains so Brendan sacks him. Alf celebrates when the house is sold to the Cresswells. Ken congratulates Raquel on how quickly she's picked up French conversation. They speak only in French throughout the meal. Kevin tells Joe that his court case is going to be in November. He is depressed and gets drunk, not knowing how he's going to tell Sally. Sally is annoyed when Joe brings Kevin back drunk. Joe takes Kevin to bed. Ken worries that Raquel is getting too involved with him. Audrey tells Alf that she's not ready to retire and doesn't want to spend all her time with him or go to Lytham. He refuses to listen. Joe tells Sally that Kevin is a loser and she deserves better. She grows angry when he puts Kevin down and tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.


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