Martha tries to boast about getting her passport and taking a foreign holiday to Jack and Annie but a delighted Frank bursts in and interrupts them with the news he's sold his shop to Summit Supermarkets for £6,000. He plans an extravagant party for all the neighbours in the Rovers, putting Martha's news in the shade. Florrie realises she's blown her chances with him now he has a new life to look forward to. Jerry finishes at the yard with Len's best wishes before he starts at Roscoe & Pitts. Despite their friendship, they squabble over whose tools are whose. Frank shows off his new car to them, a Zodiac, and gives them a lift to The Flying Horse, past Martha waiting at a bus stop for her trip to Manchester. Later on, she returns with her precious document and dressed up in her best for the party. Ena warns her she's only going to Spain to be a babysitter. Frank buys a new suit and the residents gather for the after-hours party. Frank hands out cigars. Martha shows off her passport to an unimpressed Ena, annoyed that a man is sat in her seat. Jack calls time. Frank writes off the £5 that Jerry owes him. Jack gets annoyed when Frank "helps" in getting rid of the uninvited drinkers. He makes a speech that few listen to. They drink his free champagne but grow annoyed as he lords it over them. Len and Harry persuade Ena to play the piano as no one takes notice of Martha's passport. A singalong starts with On Moonlight Bay and proceeds on to I'll Be Your Sweetheart. Unhappy that no one is bothered with her own good news, Martha starts to feel unwell and retreats alone to the Snug where she suffers a sudden heart attack. As they sing Down at the Old Bull and Bush and Waiting at the Church Myra spots Martha slumped over the table and Jerry alerts Jack. He initially thinks she's drunk but he quickly realises something is badly wrong. While he rings for a doctor, Len and Annie look over Martha and realise she has died. Ena is distraught and the shocked neighbours silently leave the pub and return to their homes.


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Martha Longhurst: "I've seen plenty of springtimes in my life...and wet summers."

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