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Jim starts at the garage, determined to make it work. Liz is embarrassed as Steve is openly rude to Colin who assures her that Steve will come round. Maggie is annoyed when Mark tells her that Mike wants him to go to boarding school. Liz is annoyed when Colin admits to telling Steve to back off. Maggie tells Mike that she is not going to let her son be sent away from her. She tells him to back off, reminding him that he only sees Mark because she allows him to. Steve tells Andy that he saw Colin and Liz snogging. Audrey is frustrated because they can't move until 5 Grasmere Drive is sold and Alf refuses to lower the asking price. Brendan takes Nicky on as his delivery boy. Nicky is pleased as the job comes with a bike which he'll be able to use in his spare time. Bet tackles Liz over the rumours about her and Colin. Liz tells her that Colin is fun and there's nothing wrong with flirtation. Andy enjoys spending time with Amy's family. Steve tells Jim that he's wasting his time trying to impress Liz; she's picked up with Colin Barnes. Jim thanks him for telling him.


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