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Derek feels better after using some of Percy's home-made liniment. Colin Barnes wants to be part of Liz's life but she doesn't want to rush things or upset the boys. Raquel doesn't want to show herself up in front of Gordon Blinkhorn's friends so she persuades Ken to give her some French lessons. Reg warms to the idea of buying Ted's house when Rita points out that he could convert the garage for Maud to live in. Liz and Jim fill out the insurance claim form together. She is amazed when he admits that he didn't tell his mother they have split. Joe offers to rent a cottage in the Lake District for the Websters if they'll take Jonathan with them. Curly is grilled by Bettabuy boss Mrs Rogers. His defence is that he did not want to upset staff by dealing harshly with an ex-employee. He is thrilled when it is discovered that the tape has an old movie on it and Reg "suggests" that Maud has recorded over it. Curly is reprimanded whilst Reg's dealing in the case is criticised by a deeply suspicious Mrs Rogers and the two of them are warned that their days with Bettabuy are numbered.


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