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Alma is aghast when Mike considers sending Mark to Eton. He phones the school up, putting Mark on the waiting list and offering to make "a little donation". Liz enjoys flirting with Colin Barnes. Angie and Denise feel guilty about winning the £50 when they discover that Vera has so little money she is shoplifting. Elaine Fenwick takes the monitor tape from Curly's desk and sends it to Reg. Curly is furious. Maureen shows an interest in Ted Sullivan's old house. Rita wants rid of it quickly. Denise gives Vera the £50. Vera gets upset when Denise admits that she knows about her trouble at Bettabuy. Vera refuses to touch the money. Andy cooks Amy a meal. Curly tries to win Reg round by saying that he only did what Reg would have done. Reg takes this as a threat and warns Curly that he intends to have him reprimanded.


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