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Audrey gets details of a bungalow in Lytham St Annes and insists to Alf that they go and view it. He refuses. Derek goes jogging in a bright yellow tracksuit, to the residents' amusement and Mavis's embarrassment. Gail asks Audrey to look after the kids as Rosie is sick and Sally can't. Curly takes Andy on as a temp at Bettabuy. Brendan badgers Jack for the debt in the Rovers. Colin Barnes goes in the Rovers where Andy tells Steve that he was the man kissing Liz. Steve tells him that he's Des's brother. Andy confronts him when Colin makes a remark to Jack and Don about Liz. They are separated but the incident is witnessed by Mavis who later tells Des. He also finds out that Colin is working at The Queens. Jack decides to enter the Friday talent contest at The Queens. Alf and Audrey go to Lytham and view a bungalow. Derek buys a rowing machine. Alf likes the bungalow and decides to buy it. Audrey is delighted.


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Notable dialogue[]

Sarah Louise Platt: "Can you colour the clown in for me, Grandma?"
Audrey Roberts: "Oh ask Grandad, sweetheart. He's better at it than I am."
Alf Roberts: "Is that colouring or clowning?"

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