Angie hears that Hanif has dumped Denise and offers her an ear to talk to. Denise is grateful. Maureen wants Maud to be part of the wedding and tries to include her in the preparations but Maud feels in the way. Martin tells Maud that Reg was asking about Pasturegate Home. He assures her that it's a great place, explaining that he's working there at the moment. Maud accuses Maureen of wanting her put away. Maureen is furious and assures her that she won't let her be put in a home. Liz copes single-handed at The Queens but has a rush order. Colin Barnes helps her out, saying that he's used to bar work. Joe tells Sally that he's finalising his divorce. He tells her that he hopes she'll never have to go through a separation. Maureen tells Reg that she'll never put her mother in a home. He tells her that Maud broke them up once but he's not going to let her do so again. Ken meets parents at the school. He assures the Platts that Nicky is settling in well. Maggie is alarmed when Mike arrives at the school to hear about Mark's progress. Angie tells Denise that she's better off without Hanif. Ken tells Maggie and Mike that he's disappointed in Mark's progress and puts it down to too many distractions. He says Mark spends too much time with Mike but Mike says it's probably because he's worried about Ken chasing after Maggie. Maggie walks out refusing to listen to any more.


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