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Denise turns to Don for comfort, telling him that Hanif has dumped her. Phyllis asks Colin Barnes not to cause any trouble in the street for Des's sake. No.11 is burgled whilst it stands empty. Reg finds a buyer for Maureen's house but Maud refuses to leave. He assures Maureen that she can stay with him and he'll find accommodation for Maud. Steve and Liz are alerted to the break-in and go through the wrecked house checking what has been taken. Liz is horrified to discover Katie's picture has been taken for its silver frame. Steve agrees to move back into the house until Jim returns. Angie agrees to make Maureen's wedding dress. She delights in telling Reg that it will cost him a fortune. Deirdre finds Katie's photo discarded in the ginnel. Liz is overcome that it's safe. Brendan invites Deirdre for a drink after work. She is horrified and says that she has to meet with Ken. Joe invites Sally to a day out with the children. She agrees to a weekend as Kevin will be free. Raquel fancies Colin and looks forward to seeing him again. Colin stays away from the Rovers and drinks at The Queens. He is startled when Liz breaks down in tears whilst he chats to her. Maureen tells Maud that she intends to accept the offer on her house. Maud accuses her of wanting to push her into a home. Maureen assures her that Reg is looking for a house for all of them. Reg questions Martin about residential homes for the elderly.


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