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Brendan erects the new shop sign which reads "Mr Scott's Provisions". Denise is upset that she's nothing but a bit of fun to Hanif. Alma advises her to tell him her feelings for him. Alf saves the old "Mini Mart" sign from the binmen to keep. He enjoys spending all his days following Audrey around. Don is jealous of Denise's relationship with Hanif. Curly is annoyed when Reg alters the lunch rota so he can be with Maureen. He tells Reg that he will not let him take over the store and won't be manipulated by him any more. Reg begs forgiveness. Deirdre accuses Ken of only being disappointed about Tracy because he can't brag about her. She gets upset when he comments that Tracy will probably end up working in a mob cap like her. Curly finds out that Tommy is well and that Jack doesn't want to return home. He tells Jack that he's outstayed his welcome and throws him out. Denise admits to Hanif that her feelings towards him have changed and she now loves him. Gordon Blinkhorn gets annoyed when Colin Barnes makes a play for Raquel. He is offended when Raquel tells him that he's not her boyfriend, just someone she goes out with. Des tries to defuse the situation. Hanif tells Denise that he doesn't feel the same way towards her as she does towards him. She is upset and annoyed when he asks her not to get hysterical. She throws her wine in his face causing him to walk out of the restaurant and throw a wad of money at her. She is left feeling humiliated.


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Alma Baldwin: "So what's the problem, eh?"
Denise Osbourne: "Me... for being such a wimp. I said I would never let my defences down again and bingo! One whiff of the Barbara Cartland's and I'm anybody's."

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