Having overslept, Ken is in a mad rush to get to work. Myra is only able to provide a breakfast of bread, margarine and jam for Jerry. She wants to ask her dad for help but Jerry refuses. Concepta calls and asks them to supper, supposedly because she bought in too much meat. A proud Jerry refuses her invitation because he sees it for the charity that it is. Irma asks Elsie if she can take advantage of her offer and have a bath round at No.11 that night. Ena and Martha have both had postcards from Minnie, each addressed to the other and neither with stamps put on - they know from this that she's getting back to normal. Len pushes Jerry to see if he has settled the mortgage matters with Mr Wormold. Jerry asks again for a loan and is refused once more as Laurie Frazer still hasn't paid Len. The two almost come to blows when Len says that he's been wearing knickers ever since he moved into No.13. Jerry calls on Jack and Annie and asks if they could lend him £85. Annie refuses as she sees it as just postponing their responsibilities. Jack reluctantly agrees with her. A drunk Frank staggers into the Corner Shop where Emily and Florrie are taken aback at his unusual intoxicated behaviour. Emily refuses his invitation to the Rovers so he goes to the yard and, on the promise of doubles, takes a willing Len along instead. Irma arrives at No.11 for her bath. Elsie nips out to get some tea and, not knowing about the arrangement, Dennis walks in on Irma's bath. Both women are highly amused at his embarrassment. Frank invites himself to No.9 for his tea but is an hour late, puzzling Ken and Val. Concepta tells them his shop was closed when it should have been open. Frank falls into the house, singing. He gives them bottles of wine and tells them he's been celebrating. Before he passes out, he's able to tell them that he's won £5,000 on the premium bonds.


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